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Mark Gravino

    Was  born in Atlanta, GA, and raised in Milford CT. from age 9.  With the strong influence of an architect father and poet & amateur cartoonist mother, Mark was immersed in  art and design at an early age.   Mark studied illustration and design at Paier College of Art in New Haven.  After working in the design and architectural field he moved to the Rochester NY area to study furniture design and furniture making under the renowned sculptor / furniture maker Wendell Castle at the Wendell Castle School.  With an intensive furniture making training behind him, Mark began teaching and  maintaining a studio to produce studio furniture and sculpture.  For over 30 years he has designed and made commission and gallery work for shows and collections around the country.  Shows include: The American Craft Museum, NY.  The Society of arts and Crafts, Boston.  Cornell University, Johnson Art Museum, Ithaca NY.   Mark works out of his  studio in Milford CT.


Artist Statement

     Much of my work involves discussion and perception of environmental influences and regional anecdote.  Taking cues from experiences and input from  people, places and things I surround myself with.